Marine 100ML (NEW)


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Paintwork Safe: ✔
Clear coat and Gel Coat Safe: ✔
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Surface: All paintwork surfaces in marine settings

IGL Coatings developed one of the best marine ceramic coatings that complies with REACH regulations and offers superior protection for marine applications.

Our cutting-edge nanotechnology ensures the ceramic coating adheres strongly and crosslinks onto various marine paints, including gelcoat, polyurethane, and acrylic paint.

The high UV and salt resistance makes it one of the best marine ceramic coating, perfect for boats, yachts, and other aquatic structures. We recommend applying this marine ceramic coating above the water line for optimal results. Put your trust in one of the best marine ceramic coatings in the industry.

IGL Coatings’ Marine, it’s time to protect your investment and keep your vessel looking new for years to come.

 Size: 100ML, 200ML          TDS SDS


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